Why ECA?

Escuela Campo Alegre is the best international school with 86 years of tradition in Venezuela. As the US Embassy assisted school in Caracas, we provide an American and International (IB) education with exceptional opportunities for academic excellence in all disciplines.

We have extensive resources including world class facilities needed to shape future global citizens. Our education extends to sports and performing arts, at our very own art workshops, theater, tennis courts, swimming pool, basketball courts, and full size soccer field.

Our students are: critical thinkers, bold, driven, compassionate, innovative, problem solvers, with integrity and responsibility. We also take pride in being an inclusive and safe community for students, teachers, and parents; making them well rounded and globally connected.

Our infrastructure and security team ensures that our students and staff are secure at all times, with constant surveillance throughout the campus.

ECA has an adaptive education style that caters to the needs of each student. As the world around us changes, we embrace innovative methods of learning and teaching, such as artificial intelligence, project-based learning, and design thinking.

Our emphasis on academic excellence prepares students for  universities of their choice including prestigious elite universities in the US, Europe, and beyond.