Curriculum Standards

Elementary School

Welcome to the Elementary Division of Escuela Campo Alegre!

The Elementary School at ECA is dedicated to providing a safe environment that is conducive to learning for all students. We know that each child has strengths and we help them build on these allowing for their individuality, diversity, and uniqueness.

Secondary School

Welcome to Escuela Campo Alegre’s Secondary School. Our secondary school is a community where students and adults are productive and a place where everyone is safe to explore and grow as learners. While what happens in the classroom is paramount, education at ECA extends well beyond the normal school day, as our secondary students share with others as young scholars, care-givers, athletes, thespians, musicians, artists and more.

ECA Library

Our Mission The ECA Library Learning Center is a modern learning space. We collaborate with students and staff to encourage self-directed learning, creation of knowledge, ethical use of information, innovation, personal interests, and a sense of global connectedness.…



At ECA, we believe in transformative learning with technology, designed to empower student voice and ensure that learning is a student-driven process. We embrace the hybrid learning model known as Blended Learning. which seamlessly integrates in-classroom instruction with virtual learning. We employ multiple platforms to blend with traditional classroom, a few examples are: Schoology, Freckle, Raz-Kids, Hapara, etc.


Cougar Athletics

Welcome to COUGAR Athletics! Athletics, which play an important role at ECA, are conducted for all ages after school and on weekends. Volleyball, basketball, soccer, and swimming are the main sports offered. At ECA, we have a full size soccer artificial turf field, 25 meter swimming pool, 3 tennis courts, a fitness room, and 4 gymnasiums, complete with 6 basketball courts.


After School

Co-curricular Program and Fee Based Activities