Our Commitment
to Child Safety

Our Commitment to Child Safety

Our primary concern at Escuela Campo Alegre is the well-being and safety of our students. As we are confident about the systems in place to assure the safety of students currently at ECA. We regularly review and revise the ECA Student Protection Policy (SPP) and operating procedures.

All teachers at our school are required to possess a valid teaching certificate. In order to obtain a certificate, teachers in most countries must pass a government background check. In addition, we require a police report on every adult employed at ECA. Finally, we not only require confidential written references for all employee candidates, but also communicate directly with previous references to ensure there are no concerns not addressed in the written references.

  • We have a Student Protection Policy (SPP). This is reviewed with  faculty and staff annually.
  • We have a Code of Conduct (CoC) for teachers, staff and other adults working with students which defines  appropriate interactions with students. This is reviewed with and signed by faculty and staff annually.
  • We communicate to students, faculty, staff and parents  how to report inappropriate activity / behaviors, as well as procedures for investigating these reports.
  • An anonymous CoC reporting procedure exists.
  • We implement an age appropriate curricular health and wellness program for all age groups to teach students about child health and safety.
  • We have parent information sessions to educate parents about child safety concerns and help them to interact with and to guide their children.
  • We provide faculty with recent student protection guidance and information.
  • We have a student protection team that is tasked with overseeing the above.

ECA Code of Conduct

ECA Student Protection Policy

CoC Online Reporting Procedure