Why ECA?

Since 1937 ECA has successfully provided an International English language education. The majority of ECA graduates study at universities in the United States of America.

ECA serves the children of international corporations, diplomatic agencies and local families with international connections. International families and students from shareholding companies have priority in admissions; given that each student must first meet the admission criteria.

Our students come from over 20 nations. ECA teachers, from 10 nationalities, use innovative and effective teaching practices.

ECA is a place where students are challenged and work towards high standards. Small classes coupled with a variety of small group and individual teaching and learning strategies support students with achieving these standards and realizing their individual potential. We work with rigorous curricular standards and hold ourselves accountable to those standards. These standards reflect the best practices in international education.

ECA promotes a strong commitment to our partnership with parents. ECA is a community of learners – parents, teachers, students, and community members, working towards common learning goals.

Admission to ECA is based on an evaluation of academic records, questionnaires and recommendations from the former school, a personal interview with the student and the availability of class space. Class size limitations may prevent the admissions of all students who are academically capable of benefiting from ECA’s educational programs.