Here at Escuela Campo Alegre (ECA) our mission states we are a learning community that nurtures students to excel in a trusting and enduring environment. This simple statement reflects our ongoing commitment to provide a varied educational experience that is academically rigorous, and is inclusive of artistic, athletic, and recreational learning opportunities. An emphasis on the words “community,” “nurtures,” trusting” and “enduring,” is indicative of our belief that through a well-rounded education students gain the capability to be more successful in pursuit of their post-secondary opportunities.

The ideal of a strong sense of community is important at ECA. With students from over 40 countries, and a teaching faculty representing over a dozen nationalities, we weave together a variety of cultural experiences and languages to enrich our learning environment. Additionally, opportunities to be involved in sports, MUN, a variety of service projects, and other activities, contribute to a sense of community extending beyond the walls of our classroom.

ECA is also a place where students are unconditionally cared about. Our faculty and staff take personal ownership and responsibility for the learning of every student. Our school motto that every child achieves is taken to heart. Students who are cared about are more confidant and successful learners, becoming risk takers and innovators who develop the skills necessary to take on leadership and solve real life problems.

ECA has a proud history of over 70 years as a school of excellence. Our graduates go on to some of the best colleges and universities in the world. Our students are held to high standards – academically, ethically, and practically. More than being held to these standards, our faculty works with students to acquire the skills and relevant knowledge to be successful at attaining these standards.

On behalf of the ECA Board of Directors and our school leadership team, I invite you to look through our web site. You will find a school where learning is at the heart of everything we do, and where enriching opportunities occur in a warm and caring environment. If you wish to learn more about ECA, I encourage you to contact Ms. Monica Rivero, our ECA Director of Admissions. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with information about our academic and extra-curricular programs.


Gregory A. Hedger, EdD
Escuela Campo Alegre