ECA is an international Nursery to Grade 12 school. Until Grade 10 the school’s well-articulated curriculum taught in English, is based on the US Common Core standards. Students in grades 11 and 12, have the opportunity to fully participate in the IB Diploma Program or complete the ECA High School Diploma. ECA has a well established university and career guidance program.


  • An inclusive, safe, trusting and stable learning environment
  • English and Spanish language support
  • Adequate resources to sustain the school’s mission and vision

ECA is a learning community with a common mission focusing on collaboration and teamwork. Faculty and staff work together to achieve annual school-wide goals.

ECA is accredited by the Middle States Association (MSA) and the Council of International Schools (CIS)


– Instructional strategies and teaching methodologies are centered around current best educational research-based practice.

– Inquiry-based learning activities are designed to be engaging, enjoyable, creative, authentic, innovative, collaborative, data-driven, and effectively utilize technology.

– Focuses on meeting individual student learning needs.

– Teachers professionally reflect on their own teaching practice in order to improve student learning, performance, and growth.

– Involves a regular review of curriculum, teaching instruction, assessment, and learning.


– Are supported and encouraged to fulfill their academic, personal, social and emotional potential. Are encouraged to participate in artistic, athletic, multicultural and service learning activities

– Are resilient, leaders, risk takers and innovators.

– Are prepared for academic and non-academic experiences and for the challenges of becoming global citizens and completing university studies.

ECA develops ‘The Whole Person’, using Campo Way and IB Learner Profile Attributes, through: 

  • Acquiring the following skills: Reflection, analysis, critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration
  • Promoting high ethical standards
  • Developing personal and social responsibility, self-confidence and emotional growth
  • Realizing student self-potential and holistic development
  • Promoting a positive “I can do/succeed growth mindset”
  • Promoting respect for self and others
  • Teaching students to make appropriate choices
  • Fostering a commitment of service to help others
  • Encouraging students to be industrious, honest and happy

Internationalism/Interculturalism/Global Citizens Involves:

  • Understanding one’s own and other cultures through learning about language, diversity, society, culture, history, and arts promoting inclusion
  • Promoting collaboration
  • Encouraging learning about and understanding of global issues
  • Promote helping others within and outside the ECA community
  • Being respectful of diverse ideas and beliefs

High-Quality Learning Involves: 

  • Instruction and learning practices focusing on improving student learning and achievement
  • Preparing students for the IB or the ECA High School diploma
  • Preparing students to become independent lifelong learners
  • Promoting academic success, high personal commitment and achievement
  • Teaching and learning which engages students as inquirers and thinkers
  • Teaching and learning which fosters participation in experiential learning

Revised and Approved by ECA Board of Directors June 13, 2019