During ECA’s 80th anniversary, we are reaching out to members of our alumni school community to contact us to celebrate the successes of the past eight decades.  The feedback we receive from alumni each year is passionate and filled with positive memories of time spent on campus here in Caracas, Venezuela.  Although the physical look of the ECA campus has changed significantly over the years – from the original campus location (we moved to Calle La Cinta over 60 years ago) to the construction of a 25-meter pool, an all-weather sports field and a new Early Childhood Education Center – the sense of community that originally thrived in 1937 is still very alive today.

Please help us keep the ECA Cougar community spirit alive by registering to be part of our alumni community, celebrating with us at various alumni events around the US and South America, revisiting your old ECA yearbooks online, and keeping up with the Alumni Facebook group.  We love hearing from our alumni and hope to see you back on campus or at an alumni event in the near future. For further information please contact Monica Rivero:

Future Events

ECA 80th Anniversary Celebrations: During the week of April 9-14, 2018 we plan to celebrate this important milestone. We want all current and former members of our school community to participate. Let’s share the joy and make this a very special anniversary. We hope to see you on campus during the week of April 9-14, 2018 for our celebrations. For further information please contact us at Stay tuned for more information to come.

Past Alumni Events

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