ECA has established the following online protocols to communicate different types of information.  This has been created to streamline and simplify the sources and avenues for our community to access different information.

Schoology – Schoology has been set up by the school to provide you with day-to-day ongoing information.  This is the tool teachers use to communicate information about what is happening in class, assignments, homework, and upcoming class events.  Students and parents can use this to access homework assignments, work missed due to absences, and blended learning assignments in the event of special circumstances.

Skyward – Skyward is our student information management system.  It is the business tool for the school and is used for student / parent / family information, report cards, attendance, billing, and other types of information.  It is also the medium used for direct communications from the school, and can be used for contacting school personnel.

Campo News / Website – This is the storage site for general information.  On the web site you can find calendars, policies and procedures that are important to be aware of, upcoming events, and other information.  In most cases, this information appears first in the Campo News and is transferred to the website.  Either way, the Campo News is also available on our website.

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram– These sources are used to communicate current information and pictures of recent events.

In the event of a closure or other emergency, the information will be communicated through Skyward, and will also be posted to Schoology, the school website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.