Continuous Improvement Plan

At ECA, teaching and learning are fun, creative, authentic, innovative, collaborative, data-driven, and technology-infused. Learning focuses on meeting individual student needs; quality teaching centers on an integrated standards-based curriculum. Community members continue to learn, developing expertise through models of best practice and self-reflection. ECA is a school community where faculty and staff establish annual areas of focus based on five goal areas:

  • Student learning
  • Student achievement
  • Quality curriculum and instruction
  • Program effectiveness
  • Nurturing school climate

It is ECA’s goal to prepare students to impact the future positively with the skills necessary to be successful as leaders, risk takers, and innovators.  ECA’s curricular programs and standards of effective faculty clearly define expectations in regard to learning and quality teaching. ECA’s curriculum review cycle ensures programs are consistently in one of four phases of review: study, focus, implementation, or reflection.