ECA Code of Conduct

Escuela Campo Alegre is committed to the safety and protection of children in every aspect of school life. The ECA Student Protection Policy (SPP) and Code of Conduct applies to all faculty, staff, employees, volunteers, contractors and students who represent the school and who interact with students in both a direct and/or unsupervised capacity.

I have read the ECA SPP as approved by the ECA Board of Directors on May 31, 2017 and available on the web site. I promise to strictly adhere to follow the SPP and also to comply with rules and guidelines in this Code of Conduct document as a condition of my contract providing services to students attending Escuela Campo Alegre.

I will:

  • Treat everyone with respect, patience, integrity, courtesy, dignity, and consideration.
  • Never be alone with children and/or youth at school activities without another adult being notified.
  • Use positive reinforcement rather than criticism, competition, or comparison when working with children and/or youth.
  • Avoid and be aware of the possible harm and misunderstanding associated with the use of sarcasm, especially with second language learners.
  • Maintain appropriate physical boundaries at all times and touch children – when necessary – only in ways that are appropriate, public, and non-sexual.
  • Be aware of and comply with the spirit of the ECA SPP.
  • Comply with the mandatory reporting regulations of the ECA SPP with the ECA SPP policy to report suspected student abuse or suspected bullying to the guidance counsellor, relevant School Principal, Director of Support Services or Superintendent.
  • Cooperate fully in any investigation related to student abuse or suspected bullying

I will not:

  • Touch or speak to a child and/or youth in a sexual or other inappropriate manner.
  • Inflict any physical or emotional abuse such as striking, spanking, shaking, slapping, humiliating, ridiculing, threatening, or degrading children and/or youth.
  • Smoke or use tobacco products, or possess, or be under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or inappropriate chemical substances at any time while working/interacting with children and/or youth.
  • Give a student who is not my own a ride home alone without the knowledge of their parent or guardian.
  • Accept gifts from or give gifts to students without the knowledge of their parents or guardians.
  • Buy alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, inappropriate chemical substances, videos, or reading material that is inappropriate and give it to students. Staff members and volunteers or contractors should not accept gifts from, or give gifts to children without the knowledge of their parents or guardians.
  • Engage in private communications with children via text messaging, email, Facebook, Twitter or similar forms of electronic or social media except for activities strictly involving school business without the knowledge of their parents / guardians or the relevant school principal.
  • Electronic communication that takes place over the school network or platform is subject to periodic monitoring.
  • Use profanity in the presence of students at any time.

I understand that as a person working with, providing services to or interacting with students at Escuela Campo Alegre, I am subject to a criminal history background record check. My signature confirms that I have read the ECA SPP and this Code of Conduct document and that as a person working/interacting with students I agree to comply with and follow the rules and guidelines as stated in these documents. I understand that any action inconsistent with the ECA SPP, the Code of Conduct or failure to take action mandated by the ECA SPP or Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of your contract with Escuela Campo Alegre.

Link: English and Spanish Version for Print and Signature