Middle School: Welcome

Welcome to the Middle School at Escuela Campo Alegre and to an exciting three years of learning and discovering. These three years are a wonderful time for fostering the development of self-esteem, discovering life long interests, and developing an identity within a larger community. Our professional and caring staff provides an engaging and challenging academic environment that is developmentally appropriate and a whole lot of fun!

Our Middle School provides students with many learning experiences that reflect the ECA mission, vision and purpose statements.  The ECA Middle School is a place where students work daily with real-life problems and issues. Our curriculum is designed around essential questions and enduring understandings that focus on exploring key issues within individual subject areas.  A one to one lap program and commitment to the integration of technology at all levels of the school is designed to give students the skills to communicate and learn both now and in the future.

Middle School is a time of discovering personal interests; therefore, students are encouraged to take part in a wide range of disciplines. Every student in the Middle School takes part in a comprehensive arts program, physical and health education, and are required to take two languages. A thriving after-school activities program, which includes athletics and academic activities, provides our Middle School students with even more opportunities to learn.

ECA Middle School has small class sizes and a large network of supporting professionals, providing students with many opportunities to acquire knowledge. One of the highlights is our May Week Without Walls program, which is integrated with classroom learning in order to allow students to acquire knowledge in diverse educational settings.  Our 6th grade travels to the beautiful island of Curacao, while our 7th grade explores Costa Rica and our 8th grade  experiences the wonderful city of Washington, D.C.

Students are guided to develop their ethical skills through community and service opportunities, advisory programs, and adherence to the “Cougar Code”.  We provide a safe and nurturing community in order that students might become positive risk takers, challenging themselves to try new things, and become critical thinkers. Our Middle School is a place where the community understands that success is measured not only in academic performance but in strong personal values as well.  It is a place where each middle schooler is able to learn in a safe environment, make friends, and form meaningful, supportive relationships with teachers.

Finally, the Middle School is a place where a vibrant parent-school-student partnership is needed and welcomed. We have a strong tradition of parents being actively involved in ECA learning. Parents are daily seen around the ECA Middle School campus supporting classroom activities, attending PTA meetings, pick-up children from their after-school activities, or dropping by classrooms to talk to our staff.

We invite you to join us for a visit. You cannot miss the excitement, energy, and community spirit that defines the ECA Middle School.


Cameron Janzen
Middle School Principal