Mission, Vision & Purpose


Escuela Campo Alegre (ECA) is a learning community that nurtures students to excel in a trusting and enduring environment.


Based on the ECA mission statement (February 2012), the ECA Board of Directors affirms the following vision to guide the continuing learning progress. ECA is a school where students work daily with real-life problems and issues and are consistently given opportunities to acquire the relevant knowledge and develop the leadership and practical and ethical skills to solve those problems effectively. They will be risk-takers and innovators, equipped with both the skills and spirit to contribute, to be successful, and to invent the future.

As a learning community, ECA focuses on:

  • A common mission of learning
  • A trust in the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something (trusts)
  • A positive view of the future (hopes)
  • A school culture that celebrates the uniqueness of others (nurtures)
  • A stable environment where learning is maximized (endures and excels)

As a learning organization, ECA focuses on:

  • A clear set of skills and attitudes of global citizenship, including: critical thinking, communication, technology, arts, innovation, lifelong learning, teamwork and the role of competition
  • Social responsibility, character development, and  behavioral and ethical standards
  • Academic success and high personal achievement
  • Whole child development
  • Self-awareness of individual needs

As teachers at ECA, we focus on:

  • Real-life learning opportunities
  • Learning concepts from international sources into a standards-based curriculum
  • Programs which capitalize on our natural diversity and cultural opportunities
  • Research-based practices to improve instruction and increase student learning
  • Learning environment that ensures students’ emotional growth and self-confidence
  • Outstanding athletic and artistic programs

As professionals at ECA, we focus on:

  • Models of teaching and learning that encourage innovation and pioneering in key areas
  • High ethical standards
  • Strong relationships with universities
  • A regular review of mission, vision, curriculum, instruction, and assessment
  • U.S. and international accreditation
  • Resources necessary to sustain the mission and vision in a safe and secure environment

As a learning community ECA defines Internationalism as a state of mind that:

  • Strengthens and nurtures cultural identities, attitudes, and citizenship of all students regular review of mission, vision, curriculum, instruction, and assessment
  • Promotes unity and inclusion through language, cultures, history and the arts
  • Brings people together, encourages the understanding of global issues, and inspires students to help others
  • Advocates for cooperation, engagement, and understanding between people who appreciate diversity as global citizens


ECA is a model Nursery-12 international school offering a US-style educational program in the English language comparable to outstanding private and international schools worldwide. ECA primarily serves the children of families working for international corporations and diplomatic agencies. ECA inspires students towards the highest standards through a stimulating and comprehensive program of intellectual and personal development. The school emphasizes academic achievement and artistic, athletic, recreational, and multicultural opportunities to prepare students for university studies and challenges of global citizenship. Revised: February 2012