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Our Service History

Over the last few years, NJHS has helped and supported multiple charities, such as the Obra Social de la Madre y el Niño, also known as OSMAN, and the Centro de Terapia Integral de Venezuela, CTIV. This year we will be servicing our ECA community; our maintenance and support staff.

Avila Chapter Manual:

A summary of the history, policies, and programs related to NJHS are all included in our 2016-2017 ECA Avila Chapter Manual.


Students cannot apply for membership in the National Junior Honor Society.  Membership is granted only to those students selected by the faculty.

Selection Requirements:

  • Students who have been in the school the equivalent of one semester may be considered for membership.
  • The NJHS Faculty Council may waive this ruling for transfer students falling below one semester of attendance at ECA.  
  • The academic requirement set by the National Council is based on a student’s cumulative grade point average.  The minimum grade point average allowable is 3. 33 GPA.  
  • Students are also selected by a majority ruling on scholarship, leadership, service and character.

Application Process:

  • Students who have been in school an equivalent of one semester and who have a 3.5 Grade Point Average (GPA) based on First Semester Report Cards will receive an invitation letter via email.
  • Students may decline the invitation. However, if the student chooses to decline the invitation, they will not be asked to join again even if they meet the criteria for selection.
  • If the student accepts the invitation, they must complete the National Junior Honor Society Student Application Form and submit the completed form no later than Wednesday, February 1, 2017.

2016-2017 Highlights

  • Paid Free Dress Day- October 21, 2016

As an NJHS Community we decided to make our first event a school wide fundraiser, to support the Middle School Maintence Movie Night. We advertised this event by making posters and announcements  all around the school to make sure the entire community participated.

  • ECA Halloween- October 31, 2016

This year for Halloween, NJHS was asked by our PTA to help distribute treats to the youngest members of the ECA family. For us, it was an opportunity to bond with the little ones.

  • NJHS Meeting Times

Bi Weekly meetings: Tuesday’s and Thursday’s year round during lunch/recess time.