At ECA, we believe in transformative learning with technology, designed to empower student voice and ensure that learning is a student-driven process.

Classrooms in nursery through second grade have iPads. Classes in third through sixth grade have Chromebooks. Classes in grades 8 –  12 are on a  BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Program.

    • Fully equipped modern library and media center.
    • Technology centers for each division.
    • Mobile laptop carts (Grades 1 -5).
  • All campus WIFI.
  • Every classroom is equipped with an interactive white board, display projector, and speakers.
  • A green-screen filming room with lighting equipment.

User Agreements

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At ECA we embrace the hybrid learning. Online learning environments offer different, but complementary functions to classroom learning and free up time for face-to-face interactions. Some of the platforms we employ to blend with traditional classroom teaching are: Schoology, FrontRow, Raz Kids, Hapara, etc. Teacher are expected to have an online classroom presence through Schoology.

ECA is guided by the ISTE Standards for Students, teachers and Coaches through a blended learning model, using SAMR as an implementation Framework.

  • The ISTE Standards provide guidance for technology use that promotes enhanced and transformative learning, with documentation specialized to students, teachers, coaches, and administrators.
  • The SAMR model provides a framework to help educators infuse technology into teaching and learning.
  • To ensure access to technology tools, the IT Department ensures availability and maintenance of good devices and internet access while the Technology Integration Facilitators work to promote technology integration best practices.
  • ECA has Technology Integration Facilitators whose role it is to promote best practices in technology integrated learning.

Useful Resources

Tutorials for Teachers

AT ECA, how we use technology is part of the school’s mission and code of conduct. The
ECA Technology Responsible Use Agreement  is a policy that outlines all goals and expectations for acceptable device use. Students are required to read and sign the policy every academic year.
Digital Citizenship:

Useful Resources on Device Management

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