Collaborating Towards Academic Excellence for Multilingual Learners

Please join us for a full day Pre-Conference with our VANAS keynote speaker, Mariana Castro.

Preparing multilingual students for college, career and community used to mean ensuring they had the knowledge and skills defined in academic standards. Over the years, these standards have come to acknowledge disciplinary practices that require more than rote skills, but habits and particular ways of thinking that build over time. College, career and community readiness, today, also involves students be able to communicate, collaborate, problem-solve and engage in critical thinking. For multilingual learners, language is critical to all of these activities and expectations, so learning additional languages and through those additional languages places a higher demand for the ways in which language is taught in schools. For teachers of multilingual learners, the power in achieving language development and the ability of using language for these activities resides in intentional collaboration. Collaboration has shown to increase student achievement, teacher effectiveness and school climate. This daylong workshop focuses on research-informed practices and activities to reflect on and plan for them. Participants are encouraged to come with their co-teaching partners to maximize the potential of implementation of these practices back at school. However, tools will be shared for all participants to begin or continue collaborative practices in school.

Download session materials here.


  Collaboration: Rationale and Benefits
  Collaboration Cycle: Infusing Language Throughout Teaching and Learning
         Planning for Collaboration and Collaboration in Planning
         Reflecting on Collaboration
  Scaffolding and Differentiation Through Collaboration
  Moving to Action: Planning and Reflection

Pre-Conference Fee: $75 per person to include lunch, and morning and afternoon snacks. We will also provide transportation to and from the Marriott and Eurobuilding hotels.

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